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You can do it...honest
You don't need to spend money on computer programs or enroll in expensive courses to learn how to make a website. Although HTML, the code for making webpages, may look complicated, it's quite easy to learn. In fact it's easier than learning how to use web design software. Really, it is, and you are about to find that out.

So are you ready to make your first webpage? Sure you are, let's get started.

Getting down to business
The only thing needed to make a website is a browser and a simple word processor such as Notepad. Yup, Notepad, even for fancy pancy websites. You Macheads can use Simple Text.

Access Notepad by clicking
Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad

Before embarking on making your first webpage you need to know how to turn a regular text file into an HTML file: From the File menu in Notepad choose Save As, give your file a name, any name you like, for example mypage, and add the .html extension to it like so:


The .html extension is what turns a regular text file into an HTML file. It only needs to be added at the time you create the file, once it's made you simply save it because Notepad will already know that it's an HTML file. Save your file in a folder where you can easily find it.

The saved code can be opened and edited from within the word processor, make sure that "All Files" is selected from the drop down menu in the processor's dialog box.

To open the webpage in your browser simply go to the folder in which it is saved and click on the webpage icon.

Important Note
The file name for the main web page of any website must be index.html All other pages within a site can be given any name you like.

Now that you know that you are ready to begin your web design course with Lesson 1

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About Author
This tutorial was written by pet portrait artist Liz Cereby (that's me). Writing these lessons was a way for me to remember the tags I was learning while putting together my first art website. And from there started my interest in web design and helping others learn what I was learning without any of the technical jargon that makes simple stuff look really complicated. Visit my pet portrait site at


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