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What Is A Domain Name

HTML Made Easy registers its domain at NameCheap

A domain name is a website address such as To become the owner of a domain name you need to register it on a yearly basis at a domain registrar such as NameCheap. If a domain is not renewed it expires and becomes available to the public.

A domain name can be registered even if a website doesn't exist yet so there is no need to wait until your site is ready. In fact the longer you wait the harder it will be to get a website address that looks and sounds nice.


How To Choose A Domain Name

A website address should be easy to remember and reflect what your site is about. For example this site's domain is because it endeavors to teach HTML in a simple, easy to understand manner...and because was already taken. Told you you shouldn't wait too long to register a domain.


There are some sneaky folks out there who keep tabs on what domains are being checked for availability and register them in the hopes of trying to resell the domains at a much higher price so don't check at the registrar if a domain is available unless you are ready at that moment to register it. In fact it's better to type the domain into the browser to see if it's already being used, then go to the registrar and register it.

What Is Domain Privacy?

The folks who set the rules for domains require that registrars make the domain owner's contact info such as name, address, and telephone number be available to the public. Many people don't like the idea of their personal information being out there for everyone to see, so for an additional fee registrars will hide the owner's contact details and replace it with the registrar's contact info instead.

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How To Set Up Domain With Website

There are two ways to get a domain to work with a website:

  1. Log into the domain registrar and enter the nameservers of the web host,
  2. Log into the domain registrar and enter the server IP for the A-Record
It's sounds complicated but both ways are actually quite easy to do. The web host provides the nameserver settings as well as the server IP number, it's simply a matter of copying it and pasting it into your domain registrar account. Whichever way you choose to point your domain to your website is up to you. Instructions for connecting your domain to your website can be found in the Pointing Domain tutorial.

When pointing a domain with dns some options associated with the domain such as setting up email will be done from the web hosting account, whereas when pointing a domain with the server IP, all options associated with the domain will be done from the domain registrar account.

Cool Tip
To see just how easy setting up a domain with a website actually is, see the tutorial Pointing Domain To Free Web Host. It gives step by step instructions on pointing a domain registered at NameCheap, to a website hosted for free at Using a free web host is a good way to find out how all this stuff works until you are ready to move your website to a paid web host. - The hassle-free way to buy domains and hosting online

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