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Lesson 1
Making An External Style Sheet

You're about to get a crash course in CSS by learning how to do a mouseover like this:

move mouse pointer over link

That's what's called a mouseover, but you already know that, and now you're going to know how to make one, so hang on to your hat because here we go.

Making An External Style Sheet
First thing we are going to do is make a CSS file, better known as an external style sheet. Oh relax it's going to be easy. The external style sheet contains nothing but CSS code. From this one file it's possible to make changes to all your webpages at once.

To make the external style sheet open any text editor such as Notepad. and save the blank file by choosing Save As, give your file a name, any name you like, for example mystyle and add the .css extension to it like so:


You've just made what's called an "external style sheet", aka CSS file. Save the file in the same folder you keep your webpages. Now open up a webpage and put the following code between the opening and closing head tags:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="mypage.css" type="text/css">

That bit of code is telling the browser to display things on the web page according to what's in the external style sheet. Every web page that has this code will be affected by the CSS in that external style sheet. Replace "mystyle.css" with the name you gave your CSS file and you're all set to write your first piece of CSS code. So let's make our Mouseover.

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