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Frequently Asked Questions

What does HTML stand for?
HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, a fancy term for HTML tags

How do I get my own website address?
A website address such as is called a domain name. Domains are registered from a domain registrar such as
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How do I put my website up on the internet for others to see?
Before you can put your site on the internet you need web hosting.
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Why Do Some Sites Insert a Slash For Single Tags But Others Don't?
Some tutorials teach you to put a slash at the end of single tags to make the code compatible with xhtml which requires that all single tags have a slash such as <br /> Notice that there is a space between br and the slash. Whether or not you want to use it is up to you.

What Is XHTML?
XHTML is written just like html except all single tags need to have a slash (see above question), and the code must be written in lower case.

How can I make money with my site?
Now that is the million dollar question. Some people make money with ads placed on their sites by joining an affiliate network such as Shareasale.
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