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Introduction To CSS

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What Is CSS?
CSS is HTML's best buddy. While HTML is used to make a webpage, the job of CSS is to make it look nice and pretty. It does stuff like change font color, style and size. It can add color to backgrounds, and not just the background of webpages but to any element on the page such as highlighting words and sentences. CSS can position stuff on webpages too which makes it an indespensible tool in designing the layout of webpages.

With CSS it's possible to do things that HTML alone cannnot such as adjust the spacing between letters. CSS also does fun stuff like mouseovers:

move mouse pointer over link

Is that cool or what? But the best and most powerful aspect of CSS is that the appearance of an entire site can be changed at once from a single file called an external style sheet. And you know what else? CSS is real easy to learn (hey, this tutorial isn't call CSS Made Easy for nothing).

So are you ready to learn CSS code? Okay then let's begin by seeing how to make an External Style Sheet.

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