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Choosing A Web Host

This tutorial uses web hosting from NameCheap

Web hosts provide web hosting for websites so they can be seen on the internet. There are a ton of web hosts offering various plans at various prices, some even offer free hosting.

The three web hosts listed here have been used by me for my various websites.


Unlimited website traffic on all plans, value plan gives 20 gigs of disk space, and can host up to 3 domains on a single account at a super low price! HTML Made Easy is hosted here as well as my official art site. (Didn't know this tutorial was written by an artist, did ya?)

FREE Web Hosting

There's no catch and there are no ads placed on your website. 5 gigs of traffic per month allowed which is more than enough for most websites.

CMS Web Hosting

Build and publish your website online without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. No webpages to upload, everything is done in your browser. Both free and paid plans offered.


If you purchase web hosting along with domain registration, your domain is already set to work with your website. But if you register your domain separately at a domain registrar you will need to point the domain to your webhost. Having the domain separate makes it easier to move your site should you decide to go to another web host. Relax, it's easy to configure the domain to the webhost as the connecting domain tutorial will show.

This tutorial uses NameCheap for web hosting and domain registration but on separate accounts

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Unlimited Bandwidth
Low Price
Money Back Guarantee


You can register a website address (called a domain in tech talk) even before you have a website. In fact the longer you wait the more difficult it will be to get one that isn't already taken. More Info

There is more to building a website than just making it. It also needs web hosting so that it can be seen on the internet. More Info

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