Skip the tutorial and build your website or online store without learning any code

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You can do it...honest

You are about to find out just how easy and fun it is to learn HTML. Yes, fun, this tutorial keeps the tempo upbeat and the lingo plain and simple so you can get to creating your first web page in a matter of minutes, really.

What You Need

A browser and a simple text editor such as Notepad that comes with Windows is all that's needed to build a website. Yup, Notepad, even for fancy looking websites, for Mac users there's TextEdit.

Making An HTML File

Before we begin the lessons you need to know how to turn a regular text file into an HTML file. An HTML file is where you write HTML code. It also contains text that appears on your webpage. Each webpage has it's own HTML file.

In the text editor choose Save As, give the file a name and add the .html extension to it, for example:


The .html extension turns a regular text file into an HTML file and makes it viewable as a webpage in browsers. It only needs to be added at the time you create the file, once it's made simply save the file each time you edit the code.

The file name of your HTML code can be anything you want but you must name the homepage index.html or else your site's web address will not work.

The saved code can be opened and edited from within the text editor (make sure that "All Files" is selected from the drop down menu in the editor's dialog box).

You are now ready to start learning HTML with Lesson 1

Order the printable PDF version of the tutorial.


You can register a website address (called a domain in tech talk) even before you have a website. In fact the longer you wait the more difficult it will be to get one that isn't already taken. More Info

There is more to building a website than just making it. It also needs web hosting so that it can be seen on the internet. More Info