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Web Host Providers
A free web host that allows you to use your own domain name in order to set up a website there. Unlike many free web hosts 50webs does not put any ads on your webpages.
Affordable web hosting with unlimited monthly traffic and disk space on all web hosting plans.
Affordable web hosting for small and large websites and blogs. HTML Made Easy is hosted at this provider and so can personally recommend it.

Build your website directly online without any coding experience and pulish your site to the internet with only a click of a button. Free and paid plans available.

Trackers and Counters
There are no ads with this service just a small button which tracks the number of visits plus checks where your visitors came from, their browser, operating system, and more Your stats can be made password protected.
Stacounter is a free invisible tracker that provides a variety of traffic statistics. If you have more than one website you can get multiple trackers without creating a separate account.
This service places a banner on every page being tracked. You may check your stats anytime using your browser.

Web Graphics and Backgrounds

Large microstock site with both free and paid photos and graphics.

Public Domain Photos
Nice selection of photos which the photographer released to the public domain.

Url Forwarding
Free url redirection service let's you forward to any webpage with a shorter url, eg. In return they require that you place a link to them on your main page.
Namecheap is an affordable domain registrar with an option to enable forwarding of your domain to any url.

Snippets of code for web developers.
A guide to setting up wordpress, drupal and joomla websites.

How To Start A Blog
Beginner's guide to starting and promoting a blog.
Step by step tutorial in setting up a wordpress blog.

Unlimited Bandwidth
Low Price


You can register a website address (called a domain in tech talk) even before you have a website. In fact the longer you wait the more difficult it will be to get one that isn't already taken. More Info

There is more to building a website than just making it. It also needs web hosting so that it can be seen on the internet. More Info

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