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Lesson 1: Tags

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Opening and Closing Tags
HTML code is most commonly referred to as tags. The majority of tags have both an opening tag and a corresponding closing tag. Every HTML file begins with this opening tag:


Every HTML file ends with the corresponding closing tag:


Notice the / in the closing tag? All closing tags must have this slash. You know why? Because it's a closing tag, that's why. Below the opening html tag come the opening and closing head tags:

<head> </head>

The head tag doesn't have any affect on what appears on the web page, it's job is to hold certain other types of tags, one being the title tag:

<title>My First Webpage</title>

Ah, look at that, there's some text between the opening and closing title tags, this is where the title of a web page is entered, it will appear in the browser's title bar:

Next comes the closing head tag. Remember, a closing tag has a slash ( this thing / ). So this is what the code should look like so far:

<title>My First Webpage</title>

Now let's get to putting something on the webpage. Everything that is seen on web pages is found between the opening and closing body tags:

<body> </body>


<title>My First Webpage</title>

Look Ma, I'm Making my first webpage

Notice in the example that the closing html tag was added to the code. This means we are finished (at least for now), so save your code following the instructions given in the introduction of this tutorial.

Curious to see how the webpage looks? Open the webpage in your browser and have a look. See? The text between the body tags is what shows on the webpage. In the next lesson you will be introduced to more tags and what they do. So how about it, you ready for lesson two?

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