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How To Make An Affiliate Website


Making a website for promoting affiliate products is an inexpensive way to start an online business, it means you can earn commissions on products sold by other online companies and not spend a dime on inventory or deal with shipping orders.

Using Weebly to make an affiliate website means you can start building your website right away and not bother with learning any web design code.

Many people have made profitable websites built around promoting products that other websites sell.That could be true of you too. This tutorial recommends using Weebly for building an affiliate website because it's quick and easy with no experience in web design or coding needed. That frees up your time to promoting your affiliate site and not making it.

When you sign up with Weebly you will be asked to choose a template from the many beautiful and professional designs they have. Once you have chosen a template you can start building your website and add affiliate product links with the easy to use editor.

In the editor there are all sorts of elements that can be dragged and dropped onto the webpage, such as the Title, Text and Image element. The "Embed" element is especially useful for pasting affiliate codes into the webpage. Rows and columns are made by lining up the elements side by side or below one another.

To add more webpages, click the "Pages" tab near the top, then "Add" and choose "Standard Page":

When your site is ready to go live click the orange "Publish" button in the top right corner. You will be given three choices about choosing a domain:

It is highly recommended that you register your domain at a registrar and then choose the "Connect Domain You Already Own" option because the domain will cost less and you will have full control of your website address. The tutorial How To Connect Your Domain shows you how easy it is to set up your domain with your website.

Of course if you would like to first check out Weebly and get the feel of it, by all means choose "Use A Subdomain Of Weebly", you can always connect your own domain later by clicking the "Settings" tab on the top bar and then "Change Site Address".

How To Promote Your Affiliate Website

So far everything has been easy to do (and with little cost), but making money with an affiliate website is not a get rich quick scheme. For an affiliate site to be successful it needs traffic, and lot's of it. And not just any traffic, but the kind that brings visitors who might buy the affiliate products your site promotes. Not an easy task by any means and may require you paying for ads on ad networks.

But before you use a paid service to drive traffic, try the free methods available such as social networking, blogging, and search engine optimization to get your website seen in search results. And don't forget promoting your website offline by word of mouth, handing out flyers, business cards, etc.

Also keep in mind that the affiliate products should match the content of your website, for instance if you want to promote pet products, write content on your website related to those products. Add new, informative content on a regular basis to keep visitors interested and coming back to your site because many times it takes someone several times to see a product before they decide to make the purchase.

When you decide it's time to use an advertising network to get website traffic, Google's Adwords is the most effective, however it can be expensive. There are lesser known advertising networks such as Chitika and Adversal that can cost less. Chitika serves contextual text ads on websites similar to Google's Adwords and Adversal serves banner ads. Like Adwords, you bid to get your link on the publisher's website, but because there isn't as much competition as on Google Adwords, it can cost less to get your link seen on someone else's site. Be sure you understand how the advertising network you are thinking of using works before you plop down your money.

Last but not least, have fun making your affiliate website.

One of the cool things about the internet is that anyone can start their own online business with very little money by signing up for free with an affiliate program such as Shareasale and making a website promoting products from the hundreds of online merchants Shareasale has.